Publication “Complexigence”

December 14th, 2012
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Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH has publicated the book “Complexigence: Understand complexity verstehen and manage it actively”:

Since more than a decade complexity is one of the mega trends within the phase of globalization and information age. Why exactly now another book about those challenges?
The short answer is that companies and its people just have started to understand complexity and its impacts so that they can actively manage it. Complexity is always a great opportunity. Companies which position themselves openly and positively, methodological prepared and culturally resilient towards complexity, will discover new, huge and lucrative fields. However, this has to happen based on a holistic approach and intelligent:

Complexigence = Complexity & Intelligence

The book (German language) illustrates the management of complexity in various ways, especially in the context of distinguishing between implementation and solution complexity. The articles are based upon practical experience about the holistic way of managing complexity.

Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH, Carsten Fabig and Alexander Haasper.

Carsten Fabig (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH), Alexander Haasper (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH), Markus Oliver Weiss (Scala Management Consulting GmbH), Dietmar Koch (Associate Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH), Stephanie Mohr-Hauke (BBSuK Consult GmbH), Hans-Werner Klein (Art-Divine GmbH), Dr. Gerd Kopetsch (Scala Management Consulting GmbH), Wolfgang Leppert (SMG-Sales Management Group GmbH), Felix Riedel (SMG-Sales Management Group GmbH).

Can be purchased e.g. via Amazon Bookstore or Apple iBookstore.