Workshop at the Center for Science and Research Management, Speyer, Germany

October 6th, 2013
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On October 11 to 13, 2013, a workshop for Young researcher group leaders on the topics of Third Party Acquisition, Financial Management, and Technology Transfer is held at the Centre for Science and Research Management in Speyer. Eleven young researcher group leaders looking forward to a workshop with our associate Dr. Lars Niemann on October 11, 2013.

Today, a career in science and research is comprised of several components: various projects with external funding support, financed by different formats and institutions, provide scientific freedom. The complex interactions of Projects funding for research topics and for other staff urges traditional project Management skills by the researchers, from strategic planning through the establishment of a new project, from project management through full costing. Our associate, Dr. Lars Niemann, raise the different perspectives from academic career planning through the successful project management in the daily work.

The Centre for Science and Research Management (ZWM) supports universities, research institutions and funding agencies in the professionalization of scientific management. As a driver, service Providers and the network ZWM provides targeted training, advising organizations and operates the portal » wissenschaftsmanagement online .”

We will gladly help you with your project initiation, strategic planning and implementation. Please, contact us! We look forward to your inquiry.

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The presentation of the event can found here: LN_DrittmittelDundEU_v3 (password to be requested from our associate, Dr. Lars Niemann,