Publication “Transition Management – Target-orientated implementation of changes”

December 22nd, 2015
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Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH has recently published the book “Transition Management – Target-orientated implementation of changes”:

Changes are part of everyone’s life. However, often people get changed and are not driving or participating in the change. Vineyard’s understanding of Transition Management is that the processes within changes have to be steered actively and have to be focused on the human beings of the change. The change and its embedded communications have to be activities run by the the top. Especially the branch of insurances will have to cope with fundamentally changes in the next years, similar than the banking industry is currently experiencing them.

But also industry 4.0 and the global pressure for optimized value added chains foresee tremendous opportunities for managing changes more successful than others do. All articles of this book have been chosen due to wide coverage of most current business challenges on the one hand as well as balancing actual trends and best practice methods on the other hand.

Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH, Carsten Fabig and Alexander Haasper.

Birgit Grokenberger (BECN AG), Carsten Fabig (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH), Jochen Schuchardt (bildwerkk GbR), Carsten Wittmann (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH), Roger Borgmann (Financial Consultant at MLP), Christian Rawcliffe (Assure Consulting GmbH), Alexander Haasper (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH), Jon Hill (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH), Dr. Lars Niemann (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH).

To be purchased e.g. via Amazon Bookstore or Apple iBookstore.