Publication “IT Management – Experiences and Trends”

June 18th, 2017
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Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH has recently published the book “IT Management – Experiences and Trends”:

Digitalization, industry 4.0, information security, general data protection regulation (“Datenschutz-Grundverordnung”), hybrid cloud or agility are the hot topics which everyone is talking about at the moment. The impacts triggered by those changes are really disruptive and essential, either for the companies as well as their customers and their managers and employees.

Although major influencing factors like globalization, total interconnectedness and the tremendous speed of those changes… those developments are not totally surprising: “The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles”, as Oren Haran said.

Change and innovation has to be part of a positive and substantial working culture where people like to challenge themselves with those factors or at least anticipate them – to be able to prepare their companies and to gain advantages of those changes.

Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH, Carsten Fabig and Alexander Haasper.

Carsten Dreyer (VMware), Carsten Fabig (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH), Alfons Geelhoed (GGT Consulting & Projects), Alexander Haasper (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH), Christian Hertneck (Anywhere24), Frode Karlsen (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH), Birgit Koerting (projectyzer), Lidiya Kyurkchiev (IT und Change Berater), Dr. Lars Niemann (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH), Thomas Quednau (Nogacom Europe) und Rainer Sponholz (Vineyard Management Consulting GmbH).

To be purchased e.g. via Amazon Bookstore or Apple iBookstore.